Creating a Kid Friendly Backyard: Part 1

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Last spring we overhauled our backyard to create an inviting patio space and modern privacy fence. While there is still a little work to be done on both, we quickly realized that this spring season needed to be all about the lawn and creating a kid friendly space for outdoor play.

The current state of our lawn is a sorry one. There are tree roots, patches of dirt and more crab grass than actual grass. Overall, the lawn is just not as healthy as we would like. While we can’t do much about the tree roots, the other problems have an easy remedy. We did so much research on how to quickly get the lawn we wanted and realized seemingly one of our only “quick” options was harsh chemical treatments and fertilizers. With four girls and two dogs, the last thing we wanted was to be adding poisons to their play space, not to mention the negative impacts it would have on the environment.

An ad popped up on my social media from @get_sunday showing a new simple and smart lawn care program that is delivered right to your door. Intrigued, I clicked the link.

The Sunday system is custom tailored to your yard and creates a plan based on the needs of your environment and current state of the lawn. Through geographic info and soil samples that the consumer sends in, a lawn treatment plan is made. The system boasts ingredients that are safe for both children and pets as well as do not harm wildlife, bees or other pollinators. While not organic, Sunday products are created using natural ingredients and are free of 30 of the most commonly used pesticides.

I was very interested in trying out the system and placed my order. The customer service was excellent and within a week the package arrived filled with instructions, a soil sample kit and first two lawn treatments. The first step was to collect soil from several areas throughout the yard using their soil collection tool and bag. Included in the package was also a shipping box and prepaid label to send the sample in for a further tailored treatment plan.

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Once the soil sample was collected, using the provided sprayer, we attached the first treatment of iron booster to our garden hose and evenly sprayed down both the front and back yard. Treatment two is labeled “Grass Powerhouse” and would be sprayed the following week.

While we have just started using the system and can’t report on how well it works yet, I am excited to continue to share about the Sunday system as well as the results we see in our lawn in the coming weeks and months.

For $15 off your order at use code: HOUSEONHAWK15

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
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