Living Room Refresh

I don't know about you but I frequently find myself hitting the reset button on certain rooms in my home when it comes to design and decorative accents. Over the last year our living room has been a revolving door of different pieces as we find what we like and what works in the space. Below, I am sharing a few quick ways to refresh a space.

1. Throw Pillow Covers:

One of the quickest ways to refresh a space. They are to a grown woman what stuffed animals are to a little girl. You can never have too many and it's fun to switch them up. The problem is that throw pillows can cost $$$ which can add up, especially if they are switched out seasonally. Throw pillow covers are the perfect solution. They make it easy to swap out colors, patterns and textures and usually cost less than covers with inserts already included. Not to mention, you can choose the perfect fill depending on the shape and firmness you prefer your pillows to have.

2. Throw Blankets:

Throw blankets are another quick and easy way to add a little more color or texture to your space. Find a throw that compliments the other pieces in your space without competing with them.

3. Coffee Table Books:

One of my favorite ways to refresh a space while also finding inspiration for other spaces in the home has been through coffee table books. Whether they are thrifted finds or brand new from your local book store, coffee table books are a great way to add a little more dimension to a table, ottoman or tray.

4. Greenery:

Plants are a great inexpensive way to refresh your space. They add pops of color and texture to a room, not to mention, any are great natural air purifiers.


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