One Room Challenge Week 2: The Details

Week two of the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge came up fast and I think it's about time I share our design plans and layout for the space.

This first rendering is of the current space. As I mentioned in my week one post, we have quite a few limitations when it comes to furniture placement between the number of doors, windows and a steam radiator. We are excited at the challenge of making it all work!

Now on to the fun stuff! A big part of our renovation is maintaining a low budget. We have several items that we have picked up over the last few years that we don't see a need for replacing and will continue to use in the space. This includes our table lamps, night stands and a night sky print. We will be playing off of the brass accent of our table lamps and splash a little more brass throughout the space including a brass curtain rod with sleek white curtains. A black metal platform bed and a cream and grey area rug will finish up the space. We will also be adding a fresh coat of Sherwin Williams Passive that we have left over from the main living spaces of our home and touching up the trim with Sherwin Williams Extra White, also left over from other rooms of the house.

One last goal we have for the week is to make some of the purchases to ensure that everything arrives on time. After somewhat of an issues with curtains that we purchased, we are back on track and have selected a replacement. The bed will be ordered in the next day or two and should arrive early next week if all goes well. The rug is another story and I am working on finding a good plan B should the first choice not return to stock in time.

While there is still so much to accomplish, so much of the initial plans are in order and I am feeling pretty good about the progress.

As always, don't forget to follow along each week to see the progress of each of the Featured Designers and Guest Participants

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