One Room Challenge Week 2: Well That Escalated Quickly

It is week two of the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge! Week one started nice and slow and finished with a whole lot of demo. We said a much needed goodbye this past week to the dingy old toilet, built-in medicine cabinet and the cheap outdated vanity. It was a blank slate and ready for some love. First up was going to be patching the walls and prepping all of the surfaces for paint before the real fun could begin… Or at least that was the plan.

Halfway through clearing out the space I got an idea. What if we opened up the wall to the walk- in closet and combined the two spaces doubling the square footage? Crazy, right?! Well, call me crazy because that’s exactly what happened. Several more hours of demo later and I was down to the studs, excited at all of the possibilities.

The Layout…

By going down to the studs, a lot of possibilities opened up and a lot of them went right down the drain. Unfortunately, due to the placement of the main drain of the house, the half bath plumbing will have to stay put and a traditional vanity and mirror will not be an option because of the location of the window. Electrical can now be re-routed and a switch can be added to the current push button sconce. Perhaps the best outcome of combining the two spaces is adding wall space to the adjoining bedrooms by removing one of the doors and frames. There will now be one entrance that leads to both the bathroom and closet.

Now onto the design…

While the project got a whole lot more ambitious this week, it isn’t the only thing out of my wheelhouse this challenge. For this space I am stepping a little outside of my comfort zone with a bolder design than I typically lean towards. With a mid century eclectic/boho feel I am playing with a lot of patterns, brass and bold colorful this space. This bold look can be seen from the floor to the walls and even decor and now that full demo is complete I am so excited to begin putting it all back together and bringing my vision to life!


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