Vinyl Flooring Install With Quadrostyle

*This is a sponsored post for Quadrostyle. All opinions are my own.

Designing the half bathroom for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge, the only thing I was sure of from the start is that the bathroom floors needed some serious work (much like the rest of the space). Over time the beautiful oak hardwoods had been painted and neglected. With the short six week timeline of the project, there would be no time to refinish them. When searching for ideas on how to update the flooring, I decided the best option was going to be covering the current floors and I wanted a bold flooring option to really draw the eye.

In my searches, I came across Quadrostyle, a vinyl tile sticker option, which would perfectly suite my needs. Quadtrostyle floor vinyl stickers are durable, easy to work with and an affordable option for those looking to create a large impact on a small budget. Not to mention, they are easily removable should you decide to or need to remove them.


I worked with Gabrielle from the Quadrostyle team who was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in determining the right product and quantity for the space. In the end I decided on the Berber inspired Harlow in black 12”x12” vinyl tiles which had the bold look I wanted but also a monochrome color scheme to not distract from other accents in the space. From request to delivery the process was seamless. The tiles arrived quickly and I was able to get right to work.

Before laying down the tiles I had to make sure the below floor surface was clean and clear of any dust, dirt and debris or the vinyl stickers would not adhere. After cleaning the floors and waiting for them to dry I marked the center of the room and began laying down the tiles.


Being a recurring pattern I wanted to make as few cuts as possible and maximize the design. Once I got to the base trim, I started carefully making my cuts using a simple utility knife. Being 1mm thick the Quadrostyle vinyl stickers are amazingly easy to cut and trim for all spaces. The installations process was a quick one thanks to the ease of the vinyl stickers. After each one was placed I carefully pressed it down and made sure to smooth out any bubbles. Once the room was complete I went over all of the tiles again to be sure that no bubbles or pockets of air were missed during the install.

The project has been complete for nearly a week and the floors look amazing. Cleaning and maintaining has been just as easy as the install. With a Swiffer and wet mop the space looks just as it did on day one. I look forward to sharing an update in a few months on how the flooring is holding up.

The Quadrostyle vinyl tiles are truly the statement I wanted to be made in the space.

 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
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